Employees of Concern Team

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The Employees of Concern Team is an interdisciplinary team that meets regularly to evaluate behaviors by UConn employees that are perceived to be threatening or disruptive (to others, the employee or both) for the purpose of recommending appropriate interventions. The primary objectives of the team are to identify at-risk employees, connect them to appropriate resources and to promote a violence-free campus and workplace. The Employees of Concern Team does NOT respond directly to emergencies. Call 911 if there is a need for emergency services.
  • Alison Cutler, Labor Relations, Chair 6-7948
  • Kelly Bannister, Labor Relations 6-2585
  • Cindy Drost, Human Resources 6-2432
  • David Francis, Employee Assistance Program, 860-679-2877
  • DC Justin Gilbert, UConn Police Department 6-4800
If you have a concern about a UConn employee who is displaying behaviors that may interfere with his or her ability to be successful in the workplace or whose behavior is substantially interfering with the work environment of his or her colleagues, please let the Employees of Concern Team know.

The following behaviors, particularly in combination or if escalating or repeating, would warrant a referral to the Employees of Concern Team:

  • Verbal or written threats of harm to self or others
  • History of ongoing disciplinary problems
  • Inability to move past workplace conflicts, grievances or perceived injustices
  • Social withdrawal or severe discomfort in social settings
  • Expressed paranoia or mistrust of supervisors, colleagues, and/or union representatives
  • Angry outbursts or inappropriate expressions of anger and hostility towards others.
  • Evidence of substance abuse
  • Fascination or preoccupation with violence and/or weapons

If a student is causing concern, follow the procedures provided by the Student Care Team.

If there is no emergency or imminent threat, employee concerns should be reported to laborrelations@uconn.edu.

  • If there is an imminent threat or an emergency situation, the University of Connecticut Police Department (UCPD) should be contacted immediately by dialing 911.
Referrals to the Employees of Concern Team are received and reviewed within one business day of submission. You may or may not be contacted to provide any additional information. Please know that any delay in contacting the source of the referral does not indicate a delay in the referral being acted upon. Staff may choose to contact the employee of concern with the information already collected and/or gather additional information available throughout the University community.