The following offices will help members of the University community create and maintain a healthy, productive, and safe environment within all facets of the UConn’s mission. The descriptions below are courtesy of the Office of Diversity and Equity.

Public Safety / University Police Department

The UConn Police Department is a fully functional police and fire agency responsible for the protection of lives and property at all UConn campuses. As with any emergency, call 911 for assistance.

Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations

OFSLR provides direction and guidance on how to effectively manage relationships with the numerous labor organizations that represent the University’s workforce. In close collaboration with Human Resources and the University administration, OFSLR ensures that personnel actions are in compliance with University-specific and statewide collective bargaining agreements. OFSLR actively participates in developing and enforcing workplace policies and procedures and supports the University’s ongoing compliance with laws and regulations that govern the employment relationship. OFSLR assists departments and labor unions with conflict resolution, grievance processing and the adjustment of other workplace disputes that are governed by collective bargaining.

Department of Human Resources

HR is responsible for the implementation and administration of human resources programs while ensuring compliance with state statutes, University policies and procedures, and collective bargaining agreements. HR administers University and statewide classification and compensation programs, provides guidance on the search/hire process and organizational design and assessment, and assists administrators with various levels of organizational changes. HR is a resource for information regarding employee benefits, retirement, and leave administration; work/life balance initiatives; and career counseling. HR supports performance management by providing training, advice and counseling to supervisors and administrators; and a range of on-boarding and off-boarding services.

Office of University Compliance

The Office of University Compliance is responsible for promoting a University-wide culture of compliance and ethics, and accepts reports of compliance concerns or requests for advice. Compliance will conduct investigations into alleged violations of University policy or approved procedure. Reports can be submitted by contacting the office directly or by using the twenty-four hour confidential UConn Reportline – (888) 685-2637. Individuals who report in good faith possible compliance issues will be accorded confidentiality and/or anonymity to the extent possible under the law.

Office of Institutional Equity

OIE investigates complaints alleging violations of University anti-discrimination policies, facilitates requests for workplace accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, and coordinates the University’s response to allegations of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence arising under University employment policies and Title IX of the Education Amendment Act. OIE conducts state-mandated diversity and sexual harassment prevention trainings, as well as educational trainings and guidance on recruitment policies and hiring decisions. OIE also provides guidance with respect to the search and hiring process and ensures that the University complies with state and federal affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws regarding searches, promotions, and hiring. OIE is available to provide informal consultation and advice on non-discrimination issues related to these areas of focus.

Employee Assistance Program

EAP is a free, confidential service available to employees needing assistance with personal problems that may be affecting his or her job performance. EAP provides confidential assessment, brief counseling, and referral service.

Office of Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards is responsible for managing ‘Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code,’ which sets forth the standards for student behavior in the University community. Community Standards is a resource where student conduct is at issue.

Student Care Team

The Student Care Team is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to evaluate behaviors by University students that are perceived to be threatening, harming or disruptive to the student, to others or to both and coordinate an appropriate response. The Student Care Team does NOT respond directly to emergencies. Call 911 if you need emergency services.